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We are a family of six. Mika (the dad) is originally from the islands of Western Samoa. Tiffany (the mom) is originally from Pennsylvania, but loves the Polynesian culture. Tavita is 10 years old, Sinalei is 8, Sosefina is 5,and Viliamu is 2 and his days of dancing have just started :) Our family loves to dance and perform. We enjoy being able to share our culture with others.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Dancing = FUN, FUN, FUN

Tavita and Mika doing the Slap Dance
I just love watching these kids dance!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Sinlei, Tiffany, and Sosefina . . . Hawaii

Audience Participation

Tavita and Mika . . . Fiji

Audience Participation

Tiffany and Sinalei . . . . Tahitian

No nap for Sosefina = falls asleep during performance :) She tried until she dropped!

Tavita and Mika . . . . New Zealand

A Perfect Ending to Any Day . . . . SHAVE ICE

Here are just a couple of pictures from recent performances . . .

Monday, March 1, 2010


Mika is performing the Samoan Fireknife dance.

(Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get it flipped)

Anniversary Luau

We had a wonderful time performing at an anniversary luau.

Sinalei dancing Tahitian

Tiffany performing a Roratongan number.

Tavita and Mika showing us a Fijian number.

Tavita dancing Fiji.

Tiffany and Mika performing a Hawaiian number.